Monday, November 07, 2005

Akilesh's pics

These are pictures Akilesh sent me today. Thought I'd put them on for all of us.

What happened - Offcially!

I don't think any of us could do such an elaborate and detailed job of reporting what happened in America. Here is Segun's sanitised, official version:

Warning: It takes a hell of a while to download though!

Someone will have to write about the behind the scenes parties though! :)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Who We Are

Twenty journalists from 19 countries (two from India) on the International Visitors Leadership Programme of the US Department of State. This multi-ethnic group comprises of the African Caucus (Sipho, Segun, Madi, Salim) and Pam from Kenya, the Latin American Caucus : Suzzane (Trinidad and Tobago) Ronaldo (Argentina) and Martino (Guatemala), the Asian Caucus: Ramya and Nihar (India), Gloria (Pakistan), Akilesh (Mauritius), Ferdous (Bangladesh), Aa (Thailand), David (Phillipines) and Esther (Taiwan), the European Caucus: Sanja (Croatia), Ciprian (Romania) and Maryna (Belarus) and of course, Reem from Bah-rain!